Our Innovation

Best Marketing Practices

​In an effort to better partner with our customers, Functional Pathways™ has developed what we refer to as our “Best Marketing Practices”. This is a listing of what our company can do to assist your community in census development and strategic planning for the ever changing healthcare environment. We believe that understanding your metrics and being able to articulate those outcomes will be the foundation of building your business now and in the future.

To assist with this process, Functional Pathways™ has created the following four step approach to better understand communities’ marketing needs:

  • STEP 1: Discovery – Functional Pathways™ has created a “checklist” of questions which will act as a guide to formulate a marketing plan to meet the needs of your community.
  • STEP 2: Plan Development – After compiling the information from the checklist, we will then assist in charting the direction for the marketing analysis plan. We work with our partners to analyze their service area to develop a targeted market that allows them to maximize their outreach efforts.
  • STEP 3: Implementation – Setting expectations are key components of the implementation phase. At Functional Pathways™, we know that marketing is a team effort which will require everyone’s buy-in at the facility as a means of establishing a particular culture. To accomplish this step we will provide training of selected staff (FP or community) on specific target marketing and communication. We have an in-house graphic designer to assist with the design of brochures and other marketing materials specifically tailored to our partner’s facility and programs.
  • STEP 4: Tracking – Regular weekly meetings with the marketing staff and quarterly progress updates to the leadership team will keep the plan on track. Referral reports, tracking of tour conversion rates and satisfaction surveys are all a part of the reporting structure.