Our Innovation

Elite Clinical Programs

Functional Pathways’™ clinical excellence and quality patient centered care is individualized to restore quality of life for individuals through an interdisciplinary approach. Our therapists utilize our proprietary seven-step Clinical Mapping Tool that allows them to select the most appropriate Pathway to Success program. The Pathways encompass a full continuum of clinical programming in order to meet the individual rehabilitation needs of our patients. When coupled with our value-added products and services our elite therapy model truly delivers Excellence in Rehabilitation.

  • Independence Pathway - For many patients, the ability to resume independent living is a primary goal. Our Independence Pathway concentrates on rehabilitation and therapy to speed up this process. Once a patient achieves independence, we can continue programs that improve quality of life. Independence Pathway programs focus on the components of function that comprise the patient’s ability to perform personal self-care tasks with the least amount of assistance and with optimal safety.
  • Safety Pathway - Focuses on the ability to live and function safely, whether in a facility or in a private residence. Our Safety Pathway assesses the abilities of each individual, creates a personalized plan for each, focuses on issues such as mobility, balance, eating, and communications. Safety Pathway comprehensive programs focus on assessing the patient’s safety in several key areas including falls, oral intake and safe discharge to home or assisted living. The maximization of a patient’s safety and well-being post therapy services, will positively impact and decrease unnecessary re-hospitalization and avoidable accidents.
  • Recovery Pathway - The Recovery Pathway programs focus on rehabilitation to allow patients to recover to pre-event status. Based on specific clinical events (such as a stroke or joint replacement), they are designed to provide maximum success in flexible, but efficient time frames. Recovery Pathway programs provide a valid and reliable process to accurately measure functional performance.
  • Quality Pathway - Our Quality Pathway focuses on maximizing quality of life and underwriting facility quality standards. This program reduces the risk of re-hospitalization for complicated cases or patients in co-morbidity situations. Quality Pathway programs focus on the use of evidence-based practice recommendations. This program will enable a facility to effectively manage the care of patients at high-risk for re-hospitalization and provides direction on integrating management of unplanned hospital transfers into a facility’s quality improvement program.