Our Innovation

Innovative Rehab Outcomes and Communication

RightTrack™ is Functional Pathways’™ proprietary software, created to manage and communicate rehab patients’ progress and outcomes to their loved ones, physicians, and facility staff in three easy steps.​

  • Set Goals – The RightTrack™ platform allows therapists and managers to quickly establish patients’ goals and current baseline upon admission. During the course of treatment, therapists will update the improvement of the patient using key functional outcomes.
  • Track Progress – RightTrack™ tracks and updates the progress of patients through an easy-to-read visual format, which educates family members on the patient’s advancement to the established goals. By tracking the patient’s progress through key functional outcomes outlined within our Clinical Mapping Tool, it promotes safe discharge from rehab to the patient’s home environment and helps to reduce re-hospitalization rates.
  • Communicate Outcomes - RightTrack™ allows facilities to clearly communicate the progress of each patient to Physicians, hospitals, Administrators, and the patient’s family members through automated updates. The automated update is delivered via email and provides individuals a link to the system’s web portal and access to detailed reports and information. These updates will help reduce phone calls and ease concerns of family members while providing facility staff with a tool for better patient care. Once discharged, a final outcome report will be sent to the referring Physician.