Our Innovation

Automated Therapy Screening Tool

​After the noted success of RightTrack™, Functional Pathways™ expanded its proprietary software with the creation of ScreenRight™. This web-based software is used to assist therapists in identifying functional declines within Long-Term Care residents and to ensure residents are screened on a quarterly basis. Some of the key features of ScreenRight™ include:

  • Ability to track and identify residents who are due to be screened on a quarterly basis
  • Provide baseline screening data to enable the care plan team to track declines from previous screens
  • Stay “On Track” with the MDS initial and quarterly assessments, reducing the potential for functional decline
  • Facilitate communication between the care plan team and improve quality assurance
  • Produce key data to promote development of therapy and nursing programs to promote quality care
  • Assist managers in identifying therapy staff that may require additional clinical skills to properly identify resident need