From the Compliance Desk - 1/21/16

Our compliance expert scours the news to send you the best links of the week:

EMRs Are Not Enough Executive Insight | January 18, 2016
Healthcare technology has entered into the “post-EMR” era. Read more

Frequent Use Of Post-Acute Care Associated With Higher Hospital Readmission Rates Science Daily |January 20, 2016 To ensure that they receive proper care after surgery, patients are frequently referred by hospitals to inpatient facilities such as skilled nursing homes or inpatient rehabilitation centers or to receive home health care and other outpatient services. Read more

Readmissions In Assisted Living: Closing The Revolving Door McKnight’s |January 21, 2016 Avoidable hospital readmissions are a menace and a scourge to the American healthcare system. Read more

ACOs Thwarted By Lack Of Interoperability Long-Term Living | January 21, 2016 Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) are designed to improve care quality and reduce costs by synchronizing the efforts of all players in the care delivery chain and sharing responsibility for quality outcomes. Read more

‘Messy’ Proposal For Medicare PAC Spending Alarms Providers McKnight’s | January 24, 2016 The development of Medicare cost measures for post-acute care is moving too quickly to account for the complex nature of the issues, worried provider groups say. Read more